Roland Appl says goodbye to the green roof market

Roland Appl

For more than three decades, our Technical Director Roland Appl has been responsible for the development and functionality of the products and systems of ZinCo GmbH. During this time, manifold issues have arisen. He has always actively faced these challenges and has developed and accounted for shaping innovative solutions to many topics. 

Based on his graduation in building physics and his experience as a passionate ecologist and voluntary worker in nature preservation projects, he has always contributed a perfect combination of his profound expertise and his deep conviction. 

That is what the managing directors Ulrich Schaefer and Dieter Schenk say: “Besides his professional expertise that is renowned and acclaimed worldwide, Roland Appl has also been important and essential to us as an individual and colleague. The company ZinCo and all colleagues, but also our partners from all over the world, owe a lot to him. He joined the company when the green roof topic was still in its infancy. He contributed a lot to the fact that the topic is ‘mature’ and globally accepted today. The many lectures he gave, his publications and his association work have made him an important ‘face’ of the ZinCo brand. We wish Roland Appl all the best for his beginning retirement and many beautiful trips, either by e-bike or caravan.”

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