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In the midst of the beautiful landscape of the wheat fields of Tierra de Campos in Villamartín de Campos in the Province of Palencia/Spain, the company “Farming Agrícola“ have built a modern and stunning office building with an impressing 800 sqm of green roofs. The design and build of these green roofs have been a technical challenge due to the different slopes, which vary from 4° in the flat areas to 20°, 40°, and 45° in the steeper areas.

Wimbledon Grounds is a mixed-use regeneration masterplan with a high profile residential development. Within the residential area 14.000 sqm of Blue Roofs has been installed. The ZinCo stormwater management system combines the benefits of green roof or transitable areas with an efficient flood prevention tool.
  • Roland Appl

For more than three decades, our Technical Director Roland Appl has been responsible for the development and functionality of the products and systems of ZinCo GmbH. During this time, manifold issues have arisen. He has always actively faced these challenges and has developed and accounted for shaping innovative solutions to many topics. 

Based on his graduation in building physics and his experience as a passionate ecologist and voluntary worker in nature preservation projects, he has always contributed a perfect combination of his profound expertise and his deep conviction. 

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Even though BAU in Munich is only taking place online this year, we will of course be there for you. Visit us at our digital booth:


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  • EPD for the ZinCo Green Roof Build-up “Heather with Lavender”

Sustainability Assessment

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) has been created as an instrument which reliably shows the environmental impact of construction products throughout their complete life cycle and describes their functional and technical properties.



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