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  • Roof garden in the city
  • Roof garden with wooden decking
  • Steep pitched green roof
  • Roof garden with trees
  • Green roof in the city at night and lots of people meandering along.
  • Pitched green roof
Pedestals are perfect for roof walkway and terrace floorings. The reason is that roofs often do not have the load-bearing capacity to carry the weight of the base layer, the bedding material and the flooring, and the material is also awkward to transport and distribute with this design. On the other hand, it is easy to use the well-known ZinCo Elefeet® pedestals that are now being launched on the market in a new and expanded version that includes a rail system. A pedestal-based installation system like this has to be accurate and flexible, which the ZinCo system is thanks to a comprehensive range of accessories. Installation is now quicker and more stable.
  • Vegetable and herb plots in front of a historic building
  • Vegetable and herb plots in front of a historic building
  • Vegetable and herb plots on a rooftop with wooden decking
  • Vegetable and herb plots on a rooftop with wooden decking
  • Vegetable and herb plots on a rooftop with wooden decking
  • Vegetable plots on a rooftop with wooden decking
  • Various vegetables
  • Bumblebee on flowering herbs
  • Plant bed with herbs on a roof
  • Aquatec® AT 45
  • Fixodrain® XD 20
  • Substrate is blown onto the roof from a silo truck

Parisian roof terrace at the Pavillon d’Armenonville

The Pavillon d’Armenonville in Paris offers an exceptional and prestigious backdrop for corporate and private events. The architecturally appealing building hosts guests in six lounges and in a stylish 515 m² roof garden. A host of different vegetables, herbs and edible flowers are grown there in 26 plant beds in which the ZinCo system build-up “Urban Farming” has been installed. In this way, the garden delivers tasty ingredients, fresh from the rooftop, for the gourmet kitchen of the caterer and event manager, Butard Enescot.

  • City with greenery on the ground and on the roofs
  • Herbert Dreiseitl
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Don’t we have the best arguments for change right now?

How can we succeed in changing to a city worth living in now?" asks the internationally renowned landscape architect and urban planner Herbert Dreiseitl, who has been working for decades for sustainability and healthy and social conditions. Dreiseitl sheds light on the ideas of the "Climate Corona Treaty", the "Healthy Cities in a Postpandemic World" or the "15-Minute City" and reports on new european funding programmes for a green future for cities.

  • Bird's eye view onto a green roof with lawn in the city
  • Green roof with lawn
  • Green roof with lan and a tree
  • x
  • Aquatec®AT 45
  • Pre-cultivated rolls of turf are installed on a green roof
  • Root ball anchor of a tree
  • Facade and terrace drainage channels
  • Jürgen Quindeau

Former department store converted

A lawn for playing and sunbathing in the centre of the town and on a rooftop too. How is that done? As part of the conversion to a modern residential and commercial property, the former Hertie department store was given a completely new structure. A green roof with an area of 850 m² was created by making a deep cut into what was originally a rectangular cuboid building. The ZinCo system build-up “Roof Garden” with Aquatec® was perfect here thanks to its low height, and it was professionally installed by the roof gardeners GRÜN+DACH.

  • Roof garden with lawn and roses
  • Vegetated underground garage with lawn, small trees and playground
  • Courtyard with water feature, benches and trellis with climbing plants
  • Park with shrubs, lawn and staircase leading to the underground garage
  • Green courtyard with shrubs, bushes, trees and playground, surrounded by residential blocks
  • Playground with little wooden horses and trees
  • Children sitting at a pond in front of the staircase leading to the underground car park
  • Roof garden with swings and streetball court
  • Residential complex with lawn and playground
  • Residential complex with driveways
  • Roundabout with lawn and water feature
  • Green courtyard with ornamental tree
  • Building site on a roof

Making good use of underground car parks

What is it like to live in a densely populated area with high road traffic volumes? How do people find parking between the apartment blocks, shopping malls or near work? The ideal situation is where cars are hidden away in underground car parks and flowers and trees are allowed to grow on the exact same spot, and benches, pergolas or playgrounds beckon people to linger a while.



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