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  • Roof garden in the city
  • Small buildings with extensive green roofs and view onto the ocean
  • Undulating green roof with grasses
  • Large green roof with lawn, olive trees and pathways
  • Green roof in the city at night and lots of people meandering along.
  • Roof garden in the city
  • Sedum roof
  • Pitched green roof

No other construction concept creates quite the same diversity of benefits for buildings, people and the environment as the green roof. The contribution of these roofs to sustainable building in the 21st century, not to mention their variety of uses, is simply incalculable.

  • System build-up
  • The Run-off Limiters RD 28 and RD 48 seen from above
  • The Run-off Limiters RD 28 and RD 48 seen from above
  • Run-off Limiter set RDS 28
  • Run-off Limiter set RDS 48

New Run-off Limiter sets for Stormwater Management Roofs

Stormwater Management Roofs are not some futuristic vision but an indispensable part of urban planning for the future. A Stormwater Management Roof stores large volumes of rainwater and releases it with a time delay into the sewer system. It is a tried and tested way of reducing the risk of flooding in times when heavy rain events are on the increase.

  • Flat roof with railing
  • Vegetated roof with railing
  • Building with a railing on the rooftop

Fallnet® Safety Railing ASG

A workplace at height on a roof should provide not only a wonderful view but above all safety, as no-one should be able to fall off it.

Everything is fine during the construction phase of the building as the scaffolding provides protection for all works. However, once the scaffolding has been removed, proper fall protection measures have to be implemented for all subsequent works on the roof. Every flat roof has to be accessed for maintenance purposes, even if the roof is only covered in gravel.

  • Roof garden with walkways, ornamental grasses, perennials and small trees
  • Reading man sitting under a small tree on a green roof
  • Roof garden with ornamental grasses and Lilies
  • Roof garden with blue Lilies of the Nile and small trees
  • Ornamental grasses on a green roof
  • Two persons sitting on a green roof with ornamental grasses and small trees
  • Woman standing on a roof garden with cypresses, perennials, ornamental grasses and small trees.
  • Illuminated roof garden at night

Jerusalem – holy city and cradle of three world religions, with deep cultural and historical significance and the highest density of museums per head of population worldwide. The National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel was built in the western part of Jerusalem, in the Givat Ram district between the Israel Museum and the Bible Lands Museum.

  • Bird's eye view of the Al Shaheed Park
  • Bird's eye view of the Al Shaheed Park
  • Bird's eye view of the Al Shaheed Park
  • Pitched green roof, surrounded by lawn an walkways
  • Building with a green roof amidst a green park in the city
  • Paving leading through the colonnade
  • Lawn, plant bed and trees
  • Wooden boat in a water basin
  • Park with palm trees and a water basin
  • Worker laying out Stabilodrain® mats on the building site

The emirate of Kuwait is situated on the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf. In the capital, Kuwait City, the Al Shaheed Park, 355,000 m² in size, has been developed as a link between the city centre and the outskirts of the city. The work was carried out in two phases to date. This green belt is the most significant infrastructural project in Kuwait and is at the same time, at 55,000 m², the largest green roof project ever undertaken in the Arab world. The complete greening of all underground car park roofs here allowed for the creation of a continuous parkland.



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