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Technically Sound Green Roof Systems for Stunning Roof Landscapes

As manufacturers of system superstructures, ZinCo provide long-lasting, functioning solutions when it comes to utilising the whole rooftop. A complete overview can be found under “System Build-ups”. Alongside products and systems, ZinCo also provide professional advice for all your object-specific questions.

ZinCo Engineering

Each roof has its own peculiarities and requires object-specific solutions. The ZinCo engineering offer you support for whichever roof you are planning – from the planning stages right up to detailed solutions.

The ZinCo engineering train and instruct our market partners across the world, both as part of the continued technical development of our system components and regarding new product developments.


In order to guarantee that your rooftop will be a long-lasting, functioning one, the ZinCo fabricators are always in step with the latest developments in constructing green roofs.  

Training sessions and seminars take place regularly and a constant exchange of experience goes on between the ZinCo fabricators, together ensuring that the work that takes place on your rooftop will have perfect results.