Fall Protection

  • Fallnet® fall protection

Working Safely on Flat Roofs with ZinCo Fall Protection Systems

ZinCo offers a maximum of safety to people and buildings through their innovative Fallnet® solutions specifically designed for the use on green roofs.

The system does not require penetration of the roof membrane as it is integrated into the green roof build-up or the gravel roof and is held in place by the ballast provided by the build-up. The Fallnet® systems are suitable for all flat roofs that are capable of carrying ballast.

They can be supplemented by wallmounted fall anchors, personal protective equipments (ZinCo PPE-Set), as well as ZinCo Guardrail Systems.

Advantages of the Fallnet® Systems

  • Installation without any roof penetration
  • Ideal in terms of building physics as there are no cold or thermal bridges
  • Integrated unobtrusively into the green roof build-up or the gravel roof
  • Permanently available and can be used whenever required
  • Simple and fast installation, no special tools required
  • Certified according to European Standard EN 795 Class E

Fallnet® Products

Single point device

Rail system

System Build-ups