Heather with Lavender

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Intensive Green Roof “Heather with Lavender” – The Ideal System Build-up for Blooming Perennials and Aromatic Shrubs

The semi-intensive system build-up “Heather with Lavender” allows for sophisticated planting design. Nevertheless, compared to intensive green roof
build-ups, it manages with relatively low maintenance and relatively low build-up heights.

The plant community can be chosen amongst a wide variety of draught resistant perennials, grasses and low shrubs, for example thyme, origanum or lavender.

For this semi-intensive green roof, the ZinCo Floradrain® FD 40-E water retaining- and drainage element is combined with the ZinCo “Heather with Lavender” system substrate specifically developed for this plant community, to create the right growing conditions for the various species of the “Heather with Lavender” type of green roof.

Floradrain® FD 40-E is ideal as a substructure for green roofs, but it can be applied just as well under concrete slabs or paved surfaces. Moreover, borders between different areas can be founded in a stable and secure manner.

System build-up

System build-up "Heather with Lavender"


* The weight values stated above are considered to be exclusive of vegetation, see Info Sheet "Green Roof Ballast".



Technical Data
Build-up height from 160 mm
Weight, saturated from 195 kg/m² *
Water retention capacity from 70 l/m²

System Solutions for Intensive Green Roofs

General overview of various intensive green roof systems and the technology involved.

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