Hotel Akelarre, San Sebastián

Terraces surrounded by vegetation and a view over the sea.
project profile data
Area: ca. 900 m²
Construction year: 2016–2017
Architect: Estudio Mecanismo, Madrid
Contractor: Aimad S.L., Madrid
System build-up: Inverted roof “Heather with Lavender” with Floradrain® FD 40-E

This green roof was created on the roof of the new Akelarre hotel, located a few kilometres from the centre of San Sebastian and facing the Cantabrian Sea. The project was initiated by the chef of the world-famous 3-star Michelin restaurant who has been working in this spectacular location since 1974. Chef Subijana wanted to add a hotel to his restaurant to be able to offer his guests a unique and more complete experience. On the roofs of the new hotel, which consists of five stone cubes accommodating the rooms, six terraces were installed combined with garden areas and connected to the terrace of the existing building. For the landscaped areas, the “Heather with Lavender” build-up was used, with the Floradrain® FD 40-E drainage element forming the basis of the system. Perennials, grasses and aromatic plants with different flowering colours throughout the year and requiring only little maintenance, were chosen for planting.

  • Herbs, perennials and ornamental grasses in front of a terrace with railings
    Perennials, grasses and aromatic plants show a variety of colours throughout the year.
  • Several terraces made of wood and natural stone surrounded by vegetation
    Six terraces combined with garden areas are connected to the terrace of the main building.
  • Herbs, ornmental grasses and perennials in front of a terrace
    The vegetation is established well since being planted in 2017.
  • Bird's eye view onto terraces surrounded by vegetation and a view onto the ocean
    The seating area offers a wonderful view over the sea.