Fallnet® SR-Rail

  • Fallnet® SR-Rail safety system
    Fallnet® SR-Rail provides user-friendly security on roofs.

Fallnet® SR-Rail – the User-friendly Fall Protection Device for Virtually all Roof Situations

Fixing device for fall protection according to European Standard EN 795 Class E. The Fallnet® SR Rail system allows its users to attach themselves to a fixing point that can move horizontally. This so-called runner slides along the aluminium rails with its easy-running rollers and follows the user wherever they go and, thus, offers maximum comfort. It eliminates the need to frequently re-affix and constantly adapt the length of the rope, as with single fixing points.

Similar to the Fallnet® SR system as a single fixing device, the rail version is easy and quick to install using the grid elements and without penetrating the roof membrane. Retro-fitting is possible with little additional work. Perfectly smooth movement is ensured by a precision-embedded runner. Any obstruction during work is virtually ruled out.


  • Easy installation without any roof perforation
  • Entire danger zone can be reached with only one click
  • No need to adjust the rope or hang it over your shoulder
  • Secures even roof areas that cannot be secured with single fixing devices.
  • Plant growth will not affect the runner function
  • Misuse is virtually ruled out.
  • Easy and fast to install without special tools.


Fallnet® SR-Rail is easily assembled without the need for special tools. Large areas are quickly plugged together using grid elements, rail supports and rails. Once the required ballast of System Substrate or some other bulk material is applied, the Fallnet® SR-Rail can be put into operation.

System Build-ups