Banco de Santander, Madrid

Large vegetated green roof
project profile data
Area: ca. 100,000 m²
Construction year: 2002–2009
Architect/Design: Kevin Roche - John Dinkeloo and Associates, Hamden, USA
Landscape architect: Luis Vallejo Estudio de Paisajismo, Madrid
Contractor: Aimad, Madrid
System build-up: “Heather with Lavender” with Floradrain® FD 25-E, FD 40-E and FD 60
Project report

The financial city “Banco de Santander”, close to Madrid, is one of the largest green roof projects around the world. On around 100,000 m² of roof area, extensive and intensive green roof system build-ups, distributed on 13 buildings, were installed. Not only is this project impressive by its huge size, but also in the planning and design of the green roof. Designing the plant selection of the green areas was a challenge in order to meet the climatic conditions and the architectural ideas. The various green roof system build-ups were complementary to the intended planting and a drip irrigation was necessary in the central of Spain.

  • Green roof with trees and walkways
    Large planting beds with trees above the two storied underground garage.
  • Large vegetated green roof
    The roof was divided into various segments, each with it's own character.
  • Vegetated green roof with irrigation pipes
    A drip irrigation was installed on all roof surfaces.