The city of tomorrow, post-corona?

City with greenery on the ground and on the roofs

The city post-corona? The result can only be green when urban planners, climate researchers and health professionals work together. © Herbert Dreiseitl

Herbert Dreiseitl

Herbert Dreiseitl is respected around the world for his expert and pioneering work as a landscape architect, urban planner and academic. He has been working for over three decades now in the area of liveable urban development, focusing on innovative, sustainable use and climate-adapted solutions, also in relation to urban water systems. © Herbert Dreiseitl

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As the result of climate change, increasing urban sealing and diminishing biodiversity, it is necessary to plant urban spaces more consistently. In order to exploit the diverse eco-system services of green areas at and on buildings and in areas around them, in an efficient and synergetic manner, a considerable level of research is still required to validate performance potential, and to strengthen acceptance and identification through specific usage research. This research is carried out by the Kompetenzzentrum Gebäudebegrünung und Stadtklima e. V. (KGS).

Don’t we have the best arguments for change right now?

How can we succeed in changing to a city worth living in now?" asks the internationally renowned landscape architect and urban planner Herbert Dreiseitl, who has been working for decades for sustainability and healthy and social conditions. Dreiseitl sheds light on the ideas of the "Climate Corona Treaty", the "Healthy Cities in a Postpandemic World" or the "15-Minute City" and reports on new european funding programmes for a green future for cities.

Read the full article of Herbert Dreiseitl, Advisory Board of the Kompetenzzentrum Gebäudebegrünung und Stadtklima e. V. (Competence Center for Green Building and Urban Climate) on

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