Precise run-off limiting, easy handling and suitable for all roof drains

System build-up “Stormwater Management Roof”

The precise, adjustable Run-off Limiter regulates the accumulation and flow of water reliably within the ZinCo system build-up “Stormwater Management Roof”.

Run-off Limiters RD 28 and RD 48

The Run-off Limiters RD 28 (left) and RD 48 (right) seen from above. The red arrow indicates the locking option.

Run-off Limiters RD 28 and RD 48

The Run-off Limiters RD 28 (left) and RD 48 (right) have rings that slide against each other and that can be adjusted to a precise pre-defined volume flow rate by means of a scale.

Run-off Limiter set RDS 28

The smaller Run-off Limiter set RDS 28 is suitable for flat roof drains with a connecting sleeve.

Run-off Limiter set RDS 48

The larger Run-off Limiter set RDS 48 is suitable for a flat roof drain with a fixing flange.

New Run-off Limiter sets for Stormwater Management Roofs

Stormwater Management Roofs are not some futuristic vision but an indispensable part of urban planning for the future. A Stormwater Management Roof stores large volumes of rainwater and releases it with a time delay into the sewer system. It is a tried and tested way of reducing the risk of flooding in times when heavy rain events are on the increase.

The ZinCo system build-up “Stormwater Management Roof” with the retention spacers RS 60 and RSX 65 provide the perfect technology to do this. All types of design are possible above the retained precipitation, from extensive to intensive green roofs, walkways to driveways, in particular the latter above underground garage roofs. The water storage capacity is between 80 and 160 l/m², depending on the type of green roof. Even greater volumes can be accumulated using spacers, provided the roof can structurally sustain it. Apart from the spacers, there is another component in the system that is vital for ensuring the perfect functioning of the Stormwater Management Roof: the run-off limiter set. The sets provide for the precise limitation of water run-off and for easy handling and are universally applicable, regardless of the type of roof drain used. Depending on the existing roof drain – connecting sleeve or fixing flange – ZinCo, now has the perfect matching run-off limiter set.

If the flat roof drain has a connecting sleeve that is professionally welded to the waterproofing layer, then the Run-off Limiter RD 28 with a diameter of 28 cm is suitable for this flat installation. If it is a flat roof drain with a fixing flange, the flange will have a certain height itself. The larger Run-off Limiter RD 48 with a 48 cm diameter is the perfect solution.

The Run-off Limiters have got the hang of it

Both Run-off Limiters work according to the same principle which is to limit a pre-determined volume of accumulated rainwater that is to go through the roof drain and into the downpipes. This is done by way of two rings on the underside of the Run-off Limiter that slide against each other and can be adjusted and locked to a specific volume flow rate by means of a scale. Usually, the setting is such that the roof will be empty again after about 24 hours. However, other settings are possible and even changes at a later point in time as the locked rings become loose and have to be readjusted.

The Run-off Limiter itself also functions as an overflow, of course. It is set to a certain overflow height by means of a thread and ensures that overflow rainwater flows into the downpipes if precipitation is greater than can be accumulated on the roof.

In order to ensure the permanent and proper functioning of all these elements, the roof drain and Run-off Limiter are protected beneath an  inspection chamber, which has narrow slots that prevent foreign matter from entering.

The Run-off Limiter sets RD 28 and RD 48 also include a tailor-fit Retention Inspection Chamber. The scope of delivery for smaller inspection chambers includes the KS 10/40 (chamber external dimensions 40 × 40 cm) and for the larger Run-off Limiter of the inspection chamber the KS 10/57 (chamber external dimensions 57 × 57 cm). Extension elements are also available for both chamber versions.

ZinCo has proven yet again that perfect technology in detail is the basis for lasting functional reliability, therefore opening up a wonderful opportunity for the future, referred to as the “Stormwater Management Roof”.

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