Heavy duty and versatile: Stabilodrain® on roofs

Roof garden with benches

The highly resilient Stabilodrain® is perfect for walkways and driveways and also for beneath green roofs.

System build-up for walkways with Stabilodrain®

The structure of Stabilodrain® allows for a build-up that is water vapour permeable and is also suitable for inverted roofs.

Green roof during the construction phase

Stabilodrain® can withstand loads of up to 50 t/m². As a result, driving on the roof during the construction phase is not a problem, as can be seen in the photo with this delivery of grit.

“Managing to achieve the same type of landscape on a roof as on the ground“. With this principle in mind, ZinCo supplies the product Stabilodrain® SD 30 which allows for the installation of permanently reliable walkways and driveways on roofs.

The extremely robust drainage and water storage element consists of thermoformed polystyerene with its drainage capacity tested to DIN EN ISO 12958 standard. It can withstand pressure loads of up to 500 kN/m², and can therefore take the high loads that result from the use of cars and trucks with an overall load of up to 40 t. The product is installed with a slight interlocking overlap using special lateral studs. The underlying roof build-up is so well protected that wheel loaders can be driven on the roof during later construction phases.

Stabilodrain® SD 30 is also suitable for use on inverted insulation as its structure allows for the installation of a walkway build-up that is water vapour permeable. The height of the elements at 32 mm enables Stabilodrain® to span ponding water on roofs with a low to 0° pitch, therefore, ensuring a frost-free build-up.

If the architect is planning a different type of driveway, for example, a drivable lawn area with ZinCo EcoGreen elements, or if other greenery is planned, the Stabilodrain® can simply be rotated 180°. The studs will then face upwards and the number of hollows will increase for storing storm water.

The versatility of Stabilodrain® is enhanced with the added option of the elements acting as “lost formwork”. A layer of concrete can be laid over the foundations or pressure distribution plates without impairing the underlying continuous drainage.

Architects should simply contact the specialists at ZinCo and tap into their expertise when teasing out project-specific solutions for walkways and driveways on roofs.


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