Slotsholmen, Copenhagen

Courtyard with walking areas, lawn and plant beds with shrubs and small trees
project profile data
Area: ca. 1,000 m²
Construction year: 2014
Landscape architect: GHB Landscape Architects A/S, Copenhagen 
Contractor: Malmos A/S, Roskilde
System build-up: “Roof Garden” with Floradrain® FD 60
“Lawn” with Floradrain® FD 40-E

Slotsholmen is a small island located in the historical administration sector of Copenhagen, which houses, among other institutions, four ministries of the Danish central administration. Recently the courtyard of a listed office building from the 1960s was renovated. The garden is indeed visible from the outside, but only accessible to the staff and is located on the roof of a parking garage. When planning the new gardens and green areas great emphasis was placed on a plantation which would change its colour over the course of the year, so that new impressions are constantly offered to the visitors. The special design of the raised beds enclosed with Tombak provides a unique character to the garden. The inspiration for this design stirred from the nearby shore with its water and its waves. The resulting new roof garden is lush and green and the wave-like shapes of the beds provide an interesting contrast to the strict construction of the buildings.

  • Courtyard with walking areas, lawn and plant beds with shrubs and small trees
    The design of the wave-like shapes stirred from the nearby shore.
  • Walkways with benches and plant beds
    The plant selection was carefully considered for seasonal colour variation.
  • Climbing plants
    Climbing plants divide up seating areas.
  • Plant bed surrounded by lawn
    The border of the raised beds is made of Tombak.
  • Bench and plant bed
    The plant beds with shrubs and trees were built on Floradrain® FD 60.