Al Shaheed Park, Kuwait

Green roofs in a park with walkways and lawn
project profile data
Area: ca. 19,500 m²
Construction year: 2013/2014
Architects: TAEP, The Associated Engineering Partnership, Kuwait
Landscape architects: STROOP landscape urbanism, Lisbon
System build-up: with Stabilodrain® SD 30, Floradrain® FD 40-E and Fixodrain® XD 20
Project report

With its 20 ha of area the “Al Shaheed Park” is the largest city park in the country. It was mainly built to protect the city from sandstorms and to reduce air pollution. In addition, the park is meant to commemorate the victims of the first Gulf War, “Al Shaheed” means “Park of the Martyrs”. As part of the redesign an artificial lake was situated in the centre of the park. This feature is not only a landscape element, but also serves as a water reservoir during the hot season. The park accommodates two museums, a visitor’s centre, an underground garage with 800 parking lots, restaurants and shops. In order not to interrupt the continuous park character, most of the buildings were equipped with an accessible green roof. Despite the wellchosen vegetation these still need to be irrigated.

  • Park with plant beds and walkways
    Despite the well-chosen vegetation additional irrigation is necessary.
  • Lawn with large light shaft
    The light shaft brings natural light to the garage below.
  • Pitched green roof in a park
    The mound shaped visitor’s centre features a green roof allowing it to blend seamlessly with the park.
  • Lake surrounded by trees and plant beds
    The artificial lake in the centre of the park is not only a landscape element, but also serves as a water reservoir.
  • Walkways with benches, plant beds and palm trees in a park
    Stabilodrain® elements provide a stable base for green areas, paths and seating.
  • Water course in a park with palm trees
    The focus is set clearly on native plants which are ideal for the arid location.