Day-Care Centre “Elf Hill”, Holbæk

Building with a gras roof
project profile data
Area: 1,350 m²
Construction year: 2008/2009
Architect/Design: Henning Larsen Architects, Copenhagen
Contractor: Malmos A/S, Roskilde
System build-up: “Grassy Pasture” with Floradrain® FD 40-E

In 2009, the new day-care centre “Elf Hill” was opened in Holbæk, where children between 0 and 6 are being looked after. The architecturally outstanding building is situated in the centre of a residential area. The building is inclined on one side and blends into a naturally grown slope. Also the greening consisting of a variety of grasses corresponds to the surrounding landscape. A system build-up based on the Floradrain® FD 40-E element was chosen. This solution stores a certain amount of water and drains excess water away quickly and safely, just like natural soil would do. Furthermore, the green roof protects the building from heat in summer and from cold in winter, and therefore it adds to the building’s insulation. Danish regulations on thermal insulation are more than fulfilled by this design and it considerably reduces the energy consumption of the building.

  • Gras roof  surrounded by meadows
    The green roof can hardly be distinguished from the surrounding landscape.
  • Building with a gras roof
    The roof of the day-care centre has an inclination of roughly 3 %.
  • Building with green roof
    The green roof is well visible even from the garden.