Dickens Yard, London

Courtyard with rolling mounds made from grass surrounded by residential blocks
project profile data
Area: ca. 600 m²
Construction year: 2017
Architect: John Thompson & Partner (JTP), London
Landscape architect: Randle Siddeley Associates, London
Landscape contractor: Kingston Landscape Group Ltd., Twickenham
System build-up: “Roof Garden” and “Heather with Lavender” with Floradrain® FD 40-E
“Sedum Carpet“ with Floradrain® FD 25-E
Project report

A former council-owned public car park was transformed into a high-density mixed-use development in the heart of Ealing, London, including retail space, private apartments, as well as public realm with a shopping street and a public square. And all this in the centre of a conservation area with various listed buildings nearby such as Christ the Saviour church, the Town Hall and Ealing Fire station. Apart from a sedum roof on one of the buildings, podium courtyards and rooftop terraces had to be greened. On the roof terraces, planters were installed with Floradrain® FD 40-E forming the heart of the build-up system. These were greened with a variety of small trees and shrubs with low maintenance requirements. The residential courtyards come in a variety of styles, one with an open design with eye-catching rolling mounds of artificial grass, and another smaller yard with large trees, dense hedging and a wooden pergola. All plantings were based on ZinCo build-ups with Floradrain® FD 40-E combined with “Roof Garden” or “Heather with Lavender” system substrate.

  • Courtyard with benches, lawn and small trees surrounded by residential blocks
    Integrated benches invite the residents to linger.
  • Planters with small trees and shurbs surrounded by multi-storey buildings
    Floradrain FD 40-E forms the heart of the build-up system of the planters with small trees and shrubs.
  • Courtyard with rolling mounds made from grass surrounded by residential blocks
    The courtyard is designed with rolling mounds of artificial grass.
  • View from above onto the courtyard surrounded by high-rise buildings
    Residents can enjoy the green space from different heights.
  • A wooden pergola with creepers and planters
    A wooden pergola enhances the courtyard and enables the growth of flowering creepers.
  • Roof garden with lawn and small trees with a view onto a church
    One of the greened roof terraces offers a wonderful view onto the listed Christ the Saviour church.
  • Bird's eye view onto a sedum roof in the city
    A green roof with sedum matting and aluminium edging was installed on one of the buildings.
  • Bird's eye view into a green courtyard and a basketball court
    The courtyard also provides an outdoor basketball court.