Farming Agrícola, Villamartín de Campos

Pitched green roof
project profile data
Area: ca. 800 m²
Construction year: 2021
Client: Farming Agrícola, Villamartín de Campos (Palencia)
Contractor: Jardinería Diego S.L., Arce
System build-up: Inverted Green Roof with Floradrain® FD 25-E, “Pitched Green Roof up to 25°“ with Floraset® FS 75 and “Steep Pitched Green Roof up to 35°“ with Georaster®
  • Steep pitched green roof
    The inclinations of the roof vary from 4° in the flat areas up to 20 °, 40 ° or 45 ° in the steepest.
  • Pitched green roof
    Shortly after planting the vegetation blends beautifully into the surroundings.