GF Victoria Hotel, Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Steep pitched green roof in full blossom
project profile data
Area: ca. 1,000 m²
Construction year: 2017
Architect/Design: Architects Studio Javier Álvarez and
Silvia Miguel, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Contractor: Impermeabilizaciones Machado, S.L.U., La Orotava. S/C de Tenerife
System build-up: “Steep pitched roof” with Georaster®

The GF Victoria luxury hotel which opened its doors in 2018 in Costa Adeje / Tenerife, not only impresses with its sustainability concept, but has also become a visual attraction in this popular tourist destination thanks to its three steep pitched green roofs. With slopes of up to 45° and a verge length of up to 33 m, these green roofs are among the steepest of their kind in Europe and could only be realized under very specific conditions. Steep pitched roofs usually reach their natural limit at a pitch of approx. 35°. So a variety of conditions had to be fulfilled that a roof with slopes going beyond could be greened.

Apart from the functional reliability of the material installed, other aspects played an important role during installation. First and foremost was the enthusiasm and commitment of all those involved, who never questioned the success of the project. In addition, stable weather conditions during installation were important in order to be able to go without the usual pre-cultivated sedum mats which are normally used on steep pitched roofs. Instead a selection of drought-resistent shrubs and perennials adapted to the Tenerife climate and well coordinated in colours was planted giving the roof its unique and extraordinary design.

  • Hotel building with two steep pitched green roofs
    Thanks to its three steep pitched green roofs the GF Victoria luxury hotel has become a visual attraction.
  • Steep pitched green roofs with shrubs, rocks and palm trees.
    Artificial rocks and the planting of palm trees add further accents to these extraordinary green roofs.
  • Flowers on a steep pitched green roof
    With slopes of up to 45° and a verge length of up to 33 m, these green roofs are among the steepest of their kind in Europe.
  • Roof gardener planting on a green roof
    The drought-resistent shrubs and perennials are well coordinated in colours giving the roof its unique design.
  • Hotel building with steep pitched green roof
    Only six months after planting, the shrubs and perennials have developed into a beautiful flower carpet.