Hospital, Rancagua

Large extensive green roof
project profile data
Area: 10,750 m²
Construction year: 2013–2014
Architect/Design: Jaime Ignacio Sáez Rojas, Providencia (Santiago de Chile)
Contractor: Rancagua Hospital CONSORTIUM SA
System build-up: “Rockery Type Plants” with Floradrain® FD 25-E
Project report

The proposed new Rancagua Regional Hospital has been designed according to the highest standards of clinical management, environmental comfort, energy efficiency, and safety. In its 90.000 m2 it arises in the form of horizontal hospital, as a rectangular volume 6 stories high, where two-thirds of their medical architectural program develops within the first 3 levels. It is set in a somewhat less than 9 hectares of land, located in the city limits, west of the city, the Alameda Bernardo O'Higgins surface; the most important route of Rancagua. The ZinCo Floradrain® FD 25-E was laid in the total areas, some was used as lost shuttering for form works an walkways. The aim was to have a functioning drainage in all the areas, as the water outlets did not match with the landscape design. The substrate, locally produced, varies from 140 to 350 mm according to the vegetation.

  • Large green roof areas
    More than just a healing environment – the hospital also offers a garden for patients.
  • Roof garden with plant beds, a gravel path and wooden loungers
    Greenery, benches and pathways to meander offer a stressful experience.
  • Plant bed with flowers on a terrace
    The gravel path is lined with colorful flower beds.
  • Plant beds with flowers and wave-like benches
    Besides the stunning appearance the various green roofs reduce air-conditioner loading.
  • Greened courtyard with benches
    Greenery is prevalent throughout the hospital.