Olea All Suites Hotel, Greece

Extensive green roofs
project profile data
Area: 2,000 m²
Construction year: 2018
Architect/Design: Block 722architects+, Athens
Contractor: UNISOL SA / Pantelis Kostakis LTD
System build-up: with Floradrain® FD 25-E and drought-resistant vegetation

The Olea All Suite Hotel is located on the Greek island of Zakynthos. Thanks to the greening of all roof areas (ca. 2.000 m² in total) it is perfectly embedded in the natural hilly landscape. The 93 suites are arranged in rows around the lagoon-style pool in the centre. The clear shapes of the building structure and the lack of ornamentation evoke the architectural minimalism style of the 1920s. It is precisely this element that gives the Olea resort the desired sense of order and calm. The green roofs protect the waterproofing from environmental impacts, provide an enhanced sound insulation and, in summer a cooling effect caused by evaporation. To achieve a lasting vegetation, it was essential to chose plants which were tailored to suit the Mediterranean climate. Therefore different drought-resistant species were selected, and the clear and calm cube structure was stressed by planting only one species on an individual roof area.

  • Green roof with grasses and perennials of various colours
    A clear pattern emerges because the individual roof areas are planted with only one type of plant.
  • Hotel complex with water basins and olive trees
    The green roofs add to the peaceful, relaxing design.
  • Ornamental grasses on a rooftop
    The water bodies and green roofs are deliberate design elements.
  • Installation of drainage elements on a rooftop
    The Floradrain® FD 25-E drainage and water storage elements regulate the water balance in the System Build-up.
  • Installation of the protection mat TSM 32 on a rooftop
    The protection mat TSM 32 is the first layer to be installed with an overlap on the root resistant waterproofing.