Pakhuis Australië, Amsterdam

Green roof with pitched areas and skylights and flat areas with small trees
project profile data
Area: ca. 550 m²
Construction year: 2005
Architect/Design: DKV architects, Rotterdam
Contractor: Roosendaal landscaping
System build-up: Pitched Green Roof with Georaster®
Project report

This green roof project was part of a renovation of the 19th century warehouses located on the waterfront of “Het IJ” in Amsterdam. The old warehouse “Australië” was integrated into a new residential building and on a portion of this new building the green roof was created. The green roof includes a flat section with trees and lawn and is located approximately 5 meters above ground level. It should be created a connection through a sloped roof surface, which was also to be planted with grass. Installing lawn on the steep area was a challenge since a supply of nutrients and water must be ensured. Therefore, two layers of Georaster® were installed to accommodate more substrate. Later after maintaining the lawn on the steep pitched area turned out to be too costly the lawn was exchanged by a low maintenance ground cover planting.

  • Pitched green roof with skylights
    Skylights allow for natural daylight inside the building.