The Plus, Magnor

Factory with a green roof and solar surrounded by wood
project profile data


approx. 6,350 m²

Construction year:



BIG Bjarke Ingels Group ApS, Copenhagen, Denmark

Design, planning and Installation of the green roof:

MATTAK AS, 5257 Kokstad, Norway

System build-up:

with Floradrain® FD 40-E and biodiversity native to the region

Embedded in the middle of a pine wood, the passive-house factory has been designed as the most environmentally friendly and transparent furniture factory in the world, that is at the same time a tourist destination and an experience centre for all visitors. They can get to know all about furniture manufacturing during a guided tour, and about energy generation, recycling, water treatment or the life cycle of materials. At the same time, they experience the “woods” as a resource, and can picnic or camp there. You have a direct view of the production process from all angles through the enormous, glazed facades, as if they were shop windows.

In order to plant various native species on the 4,800 m² green roof a special substrate mixture was created using the forest soil that had been removed. In addition, 20,000 cuttings were planted, which had been gathered from the surrounding area and cultivated for this application. 888 solar modules are embedded in the green roof areas, some of which have a pitch of up to 20°.

  • Biodiverse green roof with a solar system
    Biodiversity native to the region was also achieved by cultivating cuttings taken from the surrounding area.
  • Green roof with a solar system
    Biodiversity plus solar is a valuable combination with many synergy effects.
  • Green roof with skylights
    A number of skylights have been incorporated into the vegetation.
  • Bumblebee on Hieracium
    The native insects are well pleased with the vegetation native to the region.
  • Calluna vulgaris
    The native flora includes this pink Calluna vulgaris.
  • Vaccinium myrtillus
    The berries and red leaves of Vaccinium myrtillus create a colourful image on the roof.
  • Solitary maple tree in a courtyard
    A stairway sweeps from the roof down into this courtyard.
  • Slide
    A slide curves its way from the roof at 15 m right down to ground level.