Smart Plaza, Kiev

Roof garden with lawn, walkways and raised plant beds
project profile data
Area: 1272 m²
Construction year: 2017
Planner/Contractor: OOO Ladshaftny Design Pro
System build-up: Inverted roof with Separation Membrane TGV 21, Floradrain® FD 40 and Filter Sheet SF
  • Walkways and raised plant beds with shrubs and small trees
    The roof garden is located on a multifunctional complex with a shopping mall.
  • Roof garden with small trees, lawn and a playground
    The green roof offers space for recreation and serves as a green lung in a densely populated city.
  • Roof garden with a playground
    While children enjoy carefree play at the playground, parents can keep an eye on them on surrounding benches.
  • Roof garden with small trees, shrubs and lawn
    The vegetation includes plants which are adapted to the climate like birches and cotoneaster.
  • Roof garden with lawn, small trees and circular wooden benches
    Circular wooden benches create different viewpoints.