Springdale Library, Brampton

A meadow in front of a building with a pitched green roof
project profile data
Area: ca. 650 m²
Construction year: 2018
Architect/Planner: RDH Architects
Landscape Architect: NAK Design Strategies
System build-up: “Steep Pitched Green Roof” with Georaster®

Springdale Public Library and the adjacent Komagata Maru Park are located in Brampton, a suburb of Toronto. The triangular single-storey library building and the surrounding green space including terraced gardens, a water playground and an also triangular pavilion were awarded several design prizes. A number of sustainable strategies were used to obtain a LEED Gold certification. These include a greywater system, a geothermal heating and cooling, solar responsive windows looking like book pages, electric car charging stations, and last but not least a green roof intensifying the thermal insulation. The green mound forms a domed roof over the inside library reading room. It is clearly visible from a distance and fuses the architecture with the landscape. In particular when seen from ground level, the organic roof shape blends perfectly with the inclined topography of the ravine.

  • Modern architecture with a pitched green roof
    The green roof mirrors the grassy patches on ground level and the surrounding park.
  • Large parking area in front of a building with pitched green roof
    The triangular building with its green roof dome is impressive from aerial view.
  • Installation of a green roof with Georaster® elements
    Georaster® elements allow for a stable steep pitched green roof.
  • Georaster® elements
    Shear-Fix LF 300 and corresponding TRP Profiles were used as shear barriers.