Canada Summer Games Park, Thorold

Pitched green roof from bird's eye view
project profile data


ca. 3.300 m²

Construction year:



MJMA Architecture & Design,
Raimondo + Associates Architects

System build-up:

“Pitched Green Roof“ with Floraset® FS 75, “Steep Pitched Green Roof” with Georaster®

Walker Sports and Abilities Centre is a cutting-edge multiuse facility built for the 2022 Canada Summer Games. The games are held every two years and bring together up-and-coming athletes from across Canada. Since the 2022 games the Centre has been used by the nearby Brock University and the wider community. The Centre comprises three main sports halls – an NHL-sized twin-pad arena and a glazed gymnasium – plus many more supporting spaces like a health and well-being centre, administrative offices, a parasport gymnasium and a combative sport centre. The three sports halls are arranged in a triangle and covered by iconic sloped roofs, the largest of their kind in Canada, with a skylight over the central atrium stair. The overhanging roofs are equipped with extensive green roofs and provide shade and shelter for the partly glazed facades and the entrances. The green roofs have different slopes. Those with lower slopes between 10° and 25° were installed with Floraset® FS 75 whereas the steeper roof areas from 25° were realized with the suitable Georaster® elements.

  • Pitched green roof
    In 2022, the building and outdoor athletic facilities were awarded the Niagara Biennial Design Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Architecture.
  • Pitched green roof
    The steep pitched areas were realized with Georaster® elements.