Car park roofing, Hamrun, Malta

Roof garden with wooden podium and yellow canopies
project profile data
Area: ca. 350 m² (green roof)
ca. 40 m² (vertical green roof)
Construction year: 2021/2022
Architect/Design: Frank Muscat – Doric Studio – Living Walls
Contractor: Derek Garden Centre, Qormi, Malta
System build-up: “Roof Garden” with Floradrain® FD 40-E and Robafix®
Project report

The green car park roofing consists of a circular green roof with a diameter of ca. 25 m. It was installed over an existing car park in order to add value to the existing surrounding area and improve the quality of life of the residents. The green roof fills an urban gap and makes the former void available again to the public. The roof garden creates a meeting point and urban recreational space, safe from cars and also easily accessible with a lift. It provides a series of areas for different kinds of activities, both exposed to the sun for the colder months and shaded for the warmer months. Technically, all this was realised on the fully laid Floradrain® FD 40-E. The trees on the roof are exposed to high forces due to wind pressure and wind suction, which is why the Robafix® tree anchoring system was used. It is installed without any roof penetration.

  • Access staircase to the roof garden
    Some architectural elements including the access staircase characterize the new landmark.
  • Yellow canopy
    The canopies have an integrated Wi-Fi and USB system that can be used by the garden visitors.
  • Wooden seats on a roof garden
    The complete furniture consists of a harmoniously matching comfortable wood/aluminium-system.
  • Illuminated roof garden at night
    Thanks to an LED lighting system the roof garden is sufficiently safe also during the hours of darkness.
  • Vertical green wall
    The drip irrigation system ensures excellent plant growth, also for the green wall.