Company Luetvogt, Wagenfeld

Building with a green roof
project profile data


ca. 10,000 m²

Construction year:



Ostermeyer GbR, Hannover


Garten- und Landschaftsbau Groene, Dinklage

System build-up:

“Biodiversity Green Roof” (different types)

Project report

A lighthouse project in terms of species protection was realised in Wagenfeld on the newly erected warehouse of the company Friedrich Luetvogt GmbH & Co. KG. Thanks to the versatile and typically local vegetation, the 10,000 m² “Biodiversity Green Roof” provides habitat and food for butterflies, wild bees and other insects. Fortunately, the Hochschule Osnabrueck could be involved in the project. They have been testing the implementation of several System Build-ups for “Biodiversity Green Roofs” on a large scale and on the basis of the results of the research project ”Roofs For Biodiversity“. In some demarcated areas the vegetation was established in such an exclusive way as to apply certified regional seeds and raked material from local sandy xeric grassland on the prepared substrate areas. The raked material contained seeds, moss and lichen. In addition, local Sedum cuttings were applied. Precisely the species which are typical of the region, provide the suitable food supply for many native animal species.

  • Aquatec® AT 45 during installation
    One part of the roof was covered with the water distribution, retention and drainage element Aquatec® AT 45 plus dripperlines. © Garten- und Landschaftsbau Groene
  •  Fixodrain® XD 20 during installation
    For another roof area, the rolled drainage mat Fixodrain® XD 20 with Aquafleece was chosen – here: subsurface irrigation with dripperlines.
  • Green roof with skylights
    In spring, the vegetation period starts and brings out a soft green. © Daniel Jeschke, Hochschule Osnabrueck