Roof Garden with Aquatec®

  • Roof garden with a meadow and vines in front of a cubical wooden house
  • Lawn and playground for children on a rooftop
  • Parking lot surrounded by a meadow with Margarites

Roof Garden with Aquatec® – for Roofs with a Limited Load Bearing Capacity

Up to now, light-weight solutions were only possible in the field of extensive green roofs. However, with the system build-up “Roof Garden with Aquatec® AT 45” the balancing act between “light-weight” and “intensive” can easily be mastered. It allows for visually appealing prestigious designs with lawn, perennials and small shrubs even on roofs with a low load bearing capacity. The system build-up is applicable on 0°-roofs as well as on roofs with an inclination of up to 5°, including inverted roofs.

Sophisticated irrigation concept

The irrigation takes place via special Dripperlines inserted into the Aquatec® elements which are supplied with water by the Irrigation Manager BM 4 as required. Due to the fact that water is being distributed evenly within the Aquatec® elements and brought to the plants via the wicks of the Wicking Mat, the water consumption is comparatively low.The water storage capacity of the Aquatec® elements ensures a maximized retention and supply even during hot and dry periods.

Lower substrate height

Due to this sophisticated kind of irrigation substrate depths can be reduced up to 50 % in comparison to other intensive build-ups which results in a lower system weight. Furthermore the Aquatec® elements do not require an infill as some other build-ups which also contributes to reduction in material requirements, installation costs and weight.

System build-up

System build-up "Roof Garden with Aquatec®"

Technical Data
Build-up height from 150 mm
Weight, saturated from 180 kg/m²
Water retention capacity from 60 l/m²

System Solutions for Intensive Green Roofs

General overview of various intensive green roof systems and the technology involved.

Number of pages
20 pages
Date of publication
Apr 2020
Bilder von Pflanzen-Beispielen
  • Margarit
  • Red poppy
  • Salvia pratensis